YouTuber 'feared dead' after falling 18 stories overboard off Neymar's party boat

The incident happened on Neymar’s yacht (Image: Getty)

Carlos Alberto Mota Candreva, a well-known YouTuber, is feared dead after falling from an 18-story cruise ship.

The shocking incident occurred on Brazilian football star Neymar’s party cruise just after the superstar left.

Carlos, aged 32, was reported missing while the ship was sailing to Angra dos Reis, west of Rio de Janeiro. He was on the trip with Victoria Barbara Momenso, a woman he had been seeing casually for about two years who works in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

He expressed a desire for an exclusive relationship with the 27-year-old Monenso, but she preferred to keep things casual, as reports indicated. It’s also been suggested that he booked the trip solely to spend time with her, even though it significantly impacted his finances.

The ship was posted by the victim on social media (Image: Youtube)

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Victoria shared that Carlos jumped overboard following an argument between them. She said, “There was no way to run after him. It happened very quickly.” She also added: “I was in shock, I was frozen.” After receiving medical help onboard, Momenso left the cruise the next day and spoke to the police.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Carlos worked as a programmer and senior iOS developer at Itau Unibanco, a bank. In his spare time, he DJed in Sao Paulo, wrote poetry, and ran a YouTube channel where he discussed current events. At the time of the incident, he had 16,300 followers on Instagram.

Despite an extensive search involving two vessels, Carlos was not found. The “New Year at Sea” cruise continued, but a concert by singer-songwriter Alexandre Pires was canceled. The Brazillian Navy was said to aid in the search for Carlos.

Neynar was not on the boat duing the incident (Image: Getty)

The pair was aboard MSC Preziosa, a luxury cruise that had just finished hosting an opulent party for Brazilian football superstar Neymar and his Al Hilal team. Candreva and other shipgoers were said to have only boarded the vessel after Neymar and his pals left.

Responding to the tragic event, MSC Cruises expressed: “A thorough search was conducted on board, and it was confirmed that the guest intentionally jumped into the sea.” UOL, a media outlet, reported that the man had posted a video online before ending up in the ocean.