Training scare for Bayern Munich’s Kingsley Coman

Bayern Munich winger Kingsley Coman was getting in a workout at Säbener Straße on Monday morning when he suddenly fell to the ground grasping his knee.

As he prepares to join the French national team for the EURO 2024 competition, Coman can ill-afford to have any setbacks, so this scene from Bayern Munich’s training ground surely has the player and France both holding their breath:

Kingsley Coman suffered an injury in training today. While doing some light dribbling, the Frenchman suddenly fell to the ground, held his knee and screamed loudly in pain. After some treatment, Coman was able to stand again and limped into the dressing room without help. The extent of the injury is still unclear.

Luckily for Coman, it was not deemed to be a serious issue:

Coman’s 2023/24 campaign was — once again — marred by injuries. As Bayern Munich assesses its wing position for next season, Coman’s health will be a primary topic of discussion. Can the club continue to roll with so many wings, who are both injury prone and inconsistent?

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