Southgate discusses inclusion of 12 forwards

There were 12 forwards listed on the squad list, but that did include the likes of Bellingham, Palmer and Maddison, perhaps traditionally classed as midfielders.

“I wouldn’t be obsessed with where we’ve positioned the players (on the squad list) because some of them could be in different areas of the pitch,” Southgate said. “I write the list and these guys put a heading on it.

“If we just had forwards and backs, it would all be a lot easier. We don’t know where we will need to cut, this is the issue. If we picked it tomorrow, we might end up taking a dozen defenders because we’ve got so many questions.

“We’d obviously rather not do that. In another couple of weeks, we’ll be much clearer on a number of issues. That’s why there are opportunities for everybody.

“You can take too many forwards and have too many options in certain areas of the pitch and, with forwards, you’ve got to give them love and make them feel special. If you’ve got too many, that can make it complicated.”

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