Southampton set to make club-wide cuts and redundancies

Southampton set to make club-wide cuts and redundancies

Southampton are set to make club-wide cuts including job redundancies following relegation to the Championship.

An email sent to more than 340 staff — including departing head coach Ruben Selles — said that a restructure would take place and warned that some roles across all departments would be at risk of redundancy.

The memo, which acknowledged a “difficult” situation, said that the financial and operational impact of demotion meant the club had to adjust its budget and staff requirements across the board.

Southampton are planning talks with personnel next week.

Staff will be told whether they are at risk of redundancy, will see their roles change as part of a restructure, or be retained.

A consultation period is then set to run until July 20.

Southampton were relegated from the Premier League earlier this month after a 2-0 home defeat to Fulham, ending an 11-year stay in the top fight.



Harmony has evaporated at Southampton – Sport Republic are now fully in charge

The club confirmed before their final game of the season against Liverpool on Sunday that Selles would depart.

Swansea City manager Russell Martin has verbally agreed to take charge.

CEO and director Martin Semmens also left his role with the club this week as part of structural changes announced by Southampton’s owners, Sport Republic.

Semmens’ exit means the board members who pre-dated Sport Republic — Semmens, managing director Toby Steele, chief commercial officer David Thomas and director of football operations Matt Crocker — have all left or will be leaving the club.

Head of player insights Tom Stockwell has also gone, joining Nottingham Forest, while academy director Matt Hale resigned last month amid further disruption off the field.



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