Scotland fans begin mass exodus from Munich to Cologne for party No.2

SCOTLAND fans were yesterday hailed as winners off the pitch despite the team being thumped on it – as thousands began a mass exodus to Cologne.

The friendly travelling support was praised by locals after around 150,000 Tartan Army revellers “drank Munich dry” despite the 5-1 rout by hosts Germany.


Scotland fans were pictured leaving Munich for Scotland’s next game


Thousands of fans were pictured entering trains


Scotland fans were even seen packing taxis to take them to the next stage of their journey


The Tartan Army are hoping for a better game against Switzerland on Wednesday

Footsoldiers then headed 360 miles by car, campervan and train for Wednesday’s clash with Switzerland.

Businessman Andreas Kramer, 47, said: “Friends were saying they’re actually sorry Germany won.”

Tens of thousands of Scotland fans hit the roads and railways from Munich to Cologne as a Tartan Army convoy travelled in hope of a Euros resurrection.

The wild nights of Marienplatz left many with memories that will last a lifetime even after the 5-1 thumping added an extra dose of agony to the post-match mother of hangovers.

But in true Tartan Army style vast numbers began swarming into Cologne for another huge invasion ahead of Wednesday night’s next crunch fixture with Switzerland.

Yesterday, train stations and service stations were awash with travelling Scots making the seven-hour drive and five-hour rail ride to their new destination 350 miles away where another footie party is brewing.

It comes after locals lavished praise on the huge swathes of kilted Scots for the party atmosphere in Munich, insisting the city had “never seen anything like this”.

German newspaper Bild told how thirsty Scots “drank Munich dry”.

And broadcaster NTV said yesterday: “The Scots rock Munich. They have made so many friends in Germany. They are like brothers now.”

Businessman Andreas Kramer said he had never before heard that the city of Munich almost ran out of beer.

Scotland Fan’s Journey to Recovery After German Crash

The 47-year-old from Lower Bavaria, said: “Lots of football teams have visited Munich over the years but the city has never seen anything like this.

“We have seen Scots and German fans swapping strips and hats.

“This is the big difference with the Tartan Army and other fans.

“There is none of the aggression we see during other visits. They are still friendly when they are drunk, which is not always the case with supporters.”


Les and pal Stephen on the road with bits of blue still in his beard

Footsoldier Les Scott still had flecks of blue Braveheart paint in his beard as he set off on the next leg of his Euros adventure.

He and pal Steven McEwan, 43, had a brilliant time in the build-up to the Germany game before the humiliation of seeing our boys slump to a morale-sapping defeat.

But he said the memories of being at the centre of the Marienplatz party was worth the journey in his campervan from Auchterarder.

The plant hire boss, 44, said: “I’ve still not been able to fully remove the face paint from my beard.

“All the locals were brilliant and they all wanted to pose up for pictures.

“Even the local police came up and wanted their picture taken. It was just incredible.”

Former Police Scotland officer Stevie, who is now a cop in the Caymen Islands, said: “At one point we ran out of beer and I set off to get some more.

“I left him posing for pictures and by the time I waited in a queue and came back an hour later he was still posing for pictures.”

Stevie added: “I’ve always wanted to do this, come to a major tournament and follow Scotland around so we are actually living our dream from when we were boys.

“It’s taken us over 20 years to be able to do this so I just want to see heart against Switzerland.”

Full-time dad Stephen Adam told The Scottish Sun how he felt emotional on Father’s Day after he took the tough decision to leave his family to go to Germany with his best mate.

The 40-year-old, from Paisley, recently welcomed his third child into the world and had been busy looking after his children but his family insisted he journeyed to watch the footie.

He is travelling by car with his childhood pal Thomas Tudhope, 46, and they spent yesterday driving 350 miles to Cologne ahead of Scotland’s second match.


Stephen and Thomas making their way from Munich to Cologne

During a motorway break, Stephen said: “Coming here’s been absolutely amazing. You would have thought it would’ve been better to fly, but I wouldn’t change it. We’ve loved it so far.”

Thomas, 46, said: “The driving experience has been spot on. But obviously in the city you’re a wee bit slower.

“I’ve loved the driving. Not one pothole.

“As with the Germans, they’ve been absolutely beautiful. I can’t fault them.

“It was great to see all the Scotland supporters congregating in Marienplatz. That was beautiful.”

Stephen added: “They’ve been excellent with us and made us feel very welcome. The hospitality has been great.”

The pair are going to the match on Wednesday night and are both expecting a win for Steve Clarke and his men.

Dads Andrew Ireland and Stuart Ross and were on the road to Cologne with their sons Kieran Ross and David Ireland when they stopped for a pit stop on the autobahn.

It wasn’t lost on the group they were enjoying the once in a lifetime trip on Fathers’ Day as Andrew thanked ‘the boss’ back home for giving the green light to their Euros adventure.

Andrew, 54, from Hamilton, said: “It’s once in a lifetime stuff to be here as best mates and fathers and sons on Fathers Day.

“I would want to be anywhere else with anyone else and I have to say thanks to the boss at home for letting us go.

Stuart, 47, from East Kilbride added: “Despite the result on Germany, it’s been fabulous.

“Everywhere we have been, from Rotterdam to Munich everyone has been really nice.”

Father-and-son John and Jack Allison have been treated like minor celebrities during their time in Germany.

Dad John, 57, from Cathcart in Glasgow, said: “It all seems to happen when I’m wearing my Glengarry.

“People stop you in the street and ask to take your picture. We’ve been photographed by folk from South Africa, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.”

The motorway support worker arrived in Cologne yesterday ahead of Wednesday’s game with son, Jack, 29 a quantity surveyor living in London.

Jack said: “It’s been amazing. I’ve met so many pals from school I hardly see because I’m living in London.

“We’ve had German people walk past us, starting singing ‘No Scotland, No Party!’”

Chris Drummond, an electrician from Edinburgh, pulled into Cologne station with three pals.

He said: “We are going to swerve the fan zone here because Munich was such a shambles.

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“We managed to take a crate of beer into the zone but when that ran out, we were looking at two-hour queues.

“We’ll be a bit smarter this time and head to the pub.”


Chris Drummond arrived in Cologne after joining the exodus from Munich with his three other pals


John and Jack Allison have become local celebrities due to their attire

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