Schmadtke: Klopp’s agent recommended me to Liverpool – Tribal Football

Schmadtke: Klopp’s agent recommended me to Liverpool – Tribal Football

New Liverpool sporting director Jorg Schmadtke admits he’s closer to Jurgen Klopp’s agent than the Reds manager.

Schmadtke’s appointment was announced by Liverpool on Monday and he has detailed what he expects to find at Anfield.

“The influence of the coach on transfers is greater in England than in Germany, where a sports director holds everything in one hand,” he said, speaking to Sport1.

“Jurgen Klopp sets the priorities. We set him up with a team of data analysts, scouts and so on, so he can then choose from a list of players who he wants to work with. Then I’ll deal with the transfers with the responsible departments in the club. And, in the end, the owners have to be satisfied with the investments.

“If we like each other, we can work together beyond the transfer window. Let’s see. Then we continue or not.”

On his relationship with Klopp, he also said: “We’re not that close to each other.

“We were in the Bundesliga at the same time. He as a coach, I as a sports director, you know each other.

“I know his advisor Marc Kosicke better. He maintains a good exchange with the owners of Liverpool FC. When the current sporting director announced that he wanted to leave for personal reasons, Marc told them: ‘If you are looking for an older and experienced manager for the transfer period, you might want to look into Jorg Schmadtke from Germany’.”