Roy Keane opens up on being thrown through pub window during 'wild west' drunk scene

Roy Keane has opened up on a cheeky night out which quickly erupted into chaos (Image: INPHO/Dan Sheridan)

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has shared a wild tale from his footballing days, recalling an incident where he was thrown through a pub window.

The former Nottingham Forest player, who moved to Old Trafford in 1993, found himself in trouble after a night out in Nottingham shortly after his transfer.

Keane, who also captained the Republic of Ireland, revealed the story during an appearance on The Overlap.

He denied rumours that he was ever banned from pubs in either Nottingham or Manchester, but did admit to a heated exchange leading to his dramatic exit through a bar window.

Keane said: “The amount of stories that people said about me getting barred from pubs and bars in Manchester and Nottingham is absolute rubbish.

“I got thrown through a bar window at Nottingham! I was in a wine bar, and I just came to United, and I remember I went back to Forest to check on my house. The reserves were playing, but I had a sneaky night out, and I used to go drink when I was a Forest player.

“I used to drink the wine from the bottle, I wouldn’t have the glass, it was cheap wine like £6. I was with a few lads and a few words were said, and this guy threw me out the window.

“I went through the window and a door, I landed out in the street, it was like the wild west! I was on the floor, but I still had the bottle of wine in my hand!

Keane has recently found himself back in the headlines, after CCTV footage emerged of a confrontation he had with a supporter, during commentary duties at the Emirates stadium.

The incident took place inside the Highbury Bar after Keane was allegedly headbutted by the fan during a game between Arsenal and Manchester United.

Keane was attending the match as a pundit alongside Micah Richards, who was seen holding the fan by the collar while dragging him away from the scene. While restraining the fan, Richards was heard saying: “Are you crazy? Are you f***ing mad? Say sorry.”

Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court heard that Keane was celebrating a United goal against Arsenal when he was allegedly attacked by Scott Law, 43. Footage now shows the former Red Devils captain allegedly throwing an elbow at Law in the aftermath of the scuffle.

Law told the court that he was rushing to the toilet when Keane ambushed him and called him a ‘fat c**t’. His defence lawyer Charles Sherrard KC accused Keane of taking ‘glory’ in his reputation as a ‘hard man’ and suggested he had used ‘gratuitous violence’ by allegedly elbowing Law.

The lawyer said: “How are you stopping somebody getting away with an elbow to the face with your bent arm? That was your way of retaliating. You were the only person who delivered any unlawful violence. There was no need for that, was there? That injury to Mr Law’s nose was caused by you, in that way, in that moment.”

Keane denied those accusations, telling the court that he was simply trying to stop Law from getting away as he said: “I was assaulted in the workplace as a pundit and I was trying to stop him getting away. That was my only intention.