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Nate Diaz Net Worth: How much does the boxer makes per fight?

UFC legend and now celebrity boxer Nate Diaz is the youngest of the Diaz brothers, who have made history in the UFC astwo of the fiercest fighters in MMA. Nte will forever be remembered for the two fights he had with Conor McGregor, which ended in a victory for each of them and shot him up to the star level where he currently resides. Along the way, Nate Diaz has made considerable amounts of money through his UFC salary, his businesses, and endorsements. Let’s break down how much he makes per fight and how much more he has made from other avenues. Paradoxically, the most amount of money he’s ever made didn’t come from the UFC. It came from boxing a Youtuber and it literally made him millons of dollars.

How much does Nate Diaz make per fight?

On his very first fight at the UFC, Nate Diaz earned a few thousand dollars. Cut to his most important achievement in the sport, he earned a reported $2 million simply for showing up to fight Conor McGregor. Aside from that, he earned $250,000 from a Reebok sponsorship, $50,000 for the fight of the night bonus, and an extra $150,000 for showing up to an after party. But more importantly, he got a cut from the PPV revenue that got him a reported $10.5 million. In total, Nate earned a reported $13 million for that fight alone while Conor earned $15 million. This means that the million he made against Jake Paul pales in comparison from the money he made to fight Conor McGregor.

In terms of business ventures, Nate Diaz owns a CBD and cannabis production company called Game Up Nutrition. He also signed a deal to be the official spokesperson of Lodi Vintners, which is a winery based out of California and he has also appeared on their billboards. Diaz also owns a home in Stockton that is valued at half a million dollars. According to Forbes Nate is currently worth an estimated $15 million.

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