Mount reveals the real reason why he left Chelsea for Man United

Mount reveals the real reason why he left Chelsea for Man United

Mason Mount reveals the real reason why he left Chelsea for Manchester United. And Blues legend Cesar Azpilicueta leaves the club for Atletico Madrid.

Mount is no longer a Chelsea player. Let that fact sink in for a few seconds. OK, it’s now time for the club to move on, as will we do very shortly. But first, why did the midfielder exit the team he’s been with for 18 years for a Premier League rival?

Basically, Mount claims that it ‘became clear’ that he was not in CFC’s future plans. Whether that is regarding managers or ownership, is unclear. Consequently he admits that when Man United’s interest was confirmed, he made the decision to transfer.


Chelsea legend Cesar Azpilicueta leaves the club

The second ever Chelsea captain to lift the Champions League trophy has now left the west London outfit. That also makes Azpilicueta the final Blues skipper to raise aloft UCL silverware, at the moment. ‘Azpi’ joins Atletico Madrid after 11 years at Stamford Bridge. He is well respected by all who work and support on Fulham Road.

After an amazing career of winning everything club football has to offer with CFC, the defender returns to his homeland. At 33 years old, the veteran still has much to offer. Although as an EPL fullback or wingback, he had began to struggle mainly for pace with younger and faster wingers operating in the English top-flight.

With a year remaining on his Chels’ contract, the Spaniard departs for Madrid. However, he gave an emotional farewell in a social media video produced by his now former club. In the clip, Azpilicueta professed his love for the Blues. In addition to that, the Zizur Mayor, Spain-born man said that it was difficult to express his true feelings. A highlight was, of course, the triumph in Porto. He ended by saying that Chelsea Football Club is his home.

  • Published on 07/06/2023 at 16:46 PM
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