Micah Richards made to wear a Man United shirt by Roy Keane in forfeit, he was not happy

Micah Richards made to wear a Man United shirt by Roy Keane in forfeit, he was not happy

Roy Keane made Micah Richards wear a Manchester United shirt as a forfeit and he hated every second of it.

The Sky Sports punditry pair have an excellent love/hate dynamic on and off screen, with Richards earning Keane’s respect ever since he refused to back down following his “burst onto the scene” comment in 2020.

The duo always serve up entertainment whenever in the same vicinity and did just that in a special episode of Gary Neville’s ‘The Overlap’.

Neville and Keane took on Richards and former England women’s star Jill Scott in a quiz ahead of the Manchester derby FA Cup final between United and City on Saturday.

The two teams had to answer a series of derby related questions, many of which were incredibly tough.

It went down to a tie-break, where both were asked to guess the exact distance in miles between Manchester Piccadilly and Wembley Stadium.

The closest team would be the victors and somehow Keane and Neville were just one off the answer of 156 miles.

The ex United captains celebrated as though they’d just scored the winner in the derby and it then meant Richards and Scott had to do the worst forfeit imaginable.

Scott tried to get out of it by claiming she isn’t allowed to wear Adidas but Keane was having none of it and demanded she put it on.

Richards was very hesitant and said, “I don’t know if I can do it, sorry” as he held the red jersey in his hands.

He remained a good sport and put it on but didn’t like it one bit, not accepting that it suited him and adding, “Look at this red it just feels awful!”.

Image: Sky Bet

Keane had an Erling Haaland No.9 sky blue shirt in his possession at one point but said his only use of a City top would be to “wash his car” after he hurled it to the side.

The Irishman did then fold it and “show a bit of respect” but we can all agree that seeing him in a City shirt would have broken the internet.

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