Martin Brundle left hanging ahead of Bahrain GP as Patrice Evra walks out on interview

Martin Brundle chatted with Patrice Evra ahead of the Bahrain GP (Image: Sky Sports F1)

Martin Brundle was snubbed by former Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra during the grid walk ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix on Saturday.

Embarking on his first grid walk of the season, Brundle came across Evra walking down the start-finish straight. Asked how he was doing, the Frenchman responded with a chuckle before saying: “I’m still alive.”

Brundle was amused by the 42-year-old’s response, replying: “I know how you feel sometimes,” before complimenting the former defender’s “wicked suit”.

Evra, who was donning a striking pink jacket and trousers, responded: “Ah thank you! My wife hates it, but I love it!” Brundle then emphasized the need to stand out on the star-studded pre-race grid walks at F1 Grand Prix events.

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Neymar and Patrice Evra embraced ahead of the Bahrain GP (Image: Sky Sports F1)

“Yeah exactly,” Evra responded. “We are in Bahrain and you know I love the race… like I’m always…” This was where the former French international became distracted.

After seeing Neymar standing out of the camera shot, he dipped out of his conversation with Brundle, forcing the Sky Sports F1 pundit to find a new celebrity to converse with.

Acknowledging that the meeting had run its course, Brundle noted: “It’s Neymar, so I think while they’re having a football love in there, I will head.”

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While there weren’t many celebrities available for chats ahead of the 2024 season opener, Brundle did get to chat with Jeremy Clarkson.

The former Top Gear host is a hardcore F1 fan and has expressed his support for Alpine, given Enstone’s close proximity to his farm. With the two Alpine drivers lining up at the back of the grid following a dismal qualifying session, the 63-year-old will not have been too delighted with the state of affairs.

Asked who his money was on for the first race of the 2024 campaign, Clarkson gave a smart reply, hitting back: “Adrian Newey” after the legendary engineer created another pole-winning car with the RB20.