Man City chairman 'frustrated' as he addresses 115 Premier League charges

Khaldoon Al Mubarak has spoken out on Man City’s ongoing dispute with the Premier League (Image: Getty)

Manchester City’s chairman has expressed frustration over the team’s success constantly being tied to the pending Premier League charges against the club.

The Manchester side stands accused of 115 rule breaches, which include alleged misrepresentation of their financial situation over the course of nearly a decade in a bid to gain unfair competitive advantage.

The hearing is due later this year, more than 18 months since these allegations were first publicised, and until resolution, the validity of the team’s accomplishments continues to be questioned.

City now boast significant achievements, having celebrated a treble haul in 2023 before making English football history this summer by winning four consecutive league titles. Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak, however, empathises with the fans and staff about ‘the way it’s being talked about’ as they all await a long-overdue ruling.

“Of course, it’s frustrating. I think the referencing is always frustrating. Having it being talked about the way it’s being talked about. I can feel for our fanbase, and everyone associated with the club, to have these charges constantly referenced,” he declared, as report the MEN.

“I think we as a club have to respect that there is a process that we have to go through, and we’re going through it. It’s taking longer than what anyone hoped for, but it is what it is, and I’ve always repeated, let’s be judged by the facts, and not by claims and counterclaims.”

In addition to the highly anticipated hearing regarding City’s charges set for later this year, the club is currently challenging the Premier League’s latest version of the Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules, which they allege are unlawful and anti-competitive.

The proceedings for this dispute are scheduled to commence next week and are expected to span over two weeks.

City’s challenge against the APT regulations is unlikely to repair bridges with the Premier League or with other clubs who were eager to see the APT rules enforced following the Saudi-led acquisition of Newcastle United.