Logan Paul made short work of Bradley Martyn in secret bare-knuckle MMA fight, according to UFC stars and witnesses

The story behind who got the better of Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn’s secret MMA fight appears to be coming out, piece by piece.

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley claims to know “exactly what happened,” while former heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub was also made aware of the details. And with no cameras at all recording proceedings, the official result will only ever be known by those who were in the room.

The social media duo had shared a friendly feud,. And Martyn has become an infamous meme in the MMA world for his insistence that he could beat up a UFC champion-level fighter if they were in the smaller weight classes.

Logan Paul vs Bradley Martyn secret MMA fight was no-holds-barred bare-knuckle brawl

One of the witnesses who was in attendance when Logan Paul and Bradley Martyn fought at the bodybuilders Zoo Culture gym was Impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak. He shared the only known footage of the pair from that day, which appeared to show a shell shocked Martyn and a satisfied Paul.

The pair had been jawing on social media, with Paul declaring in an Instagram comment that he would be “pulling up” to the gym last weekend. And it seems that they settled the feud with a bare-knuckle MMA fight that saw them wear no gloves, headgear or even mouthpieces.

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Paul is a former Division 3 wrestler from the famed state of Ohio, and has also boxed four times at varying levels in pay-per-view headliners. He defeated Jiu-Jitsu black belt Dillon Danis last October, and has previously faced KSI twice and gone the distance with Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout.

Meanwhile, Martyn appears to have limited combat experience, but is a bodybuilder and towers over many at over six-foot tall. His catchphrase ‘But, I’m 260lb bro,” has become a meme in the combat sports world for his insistence that he would beat the likes of Demetrious Johnson due to size alone.

However, he actually looked a little bit shorter than the six-foot-two Paul in Majlak’s video and certainly wouldn’t have had a major weight advantage. The Ohio native cuts down to around 190lb for his boxing fights, but likely tips the scales well over 200lb during his WWE bouts.

Logan Paul caused Bradley Martyn an eye injury with first punch in quick-fire secret MMA fight

The pair met at Zoo Culture over the weekend, and quickly disabled all CCTV cameras and made sure nobody in the room was recording. Paul and Martyn then put up their dukes without gloves, with Majlak claiming that his podcast co-host threw the first punch.

Speaking on a Twitch stream with Faze member Lacy, Majlak detailed that it was “an actual real fist fight,” in which they wore “no gloves, no headgear, no mouthpiece,” and were allowed to use “fists, MMA wrestling, everything.” He says that his pal threw first and caused an injury immediately.

“Logan threw a left jab to Bradley’s right eye first,” Majlak replied when asked who had cast the opening blow. “I tried to get Brad to do a burger review today for the end of the video and I think his eyes are like f***ed up.

“Then I think the whole back of his head is f***ed up, it was crazy, bro. I actually couldn’t believe, I want to say this, that Bradley really showed up. I was impressed by Bradley being about it. We have everything from when the fight started and then everything right after it.”

It appears that footage from the gym fight will be released at some point, although it won’t feature any actual action. Bloody Elbow sources have corroborated that Paul made quick work of Martyn, which explains the lack of visible injuries on either man in the footage released by Majlak.

Martyn has yet to publicly comment on the bout, while Paul has made two subtle indications that he got the better of the exchange. He tweeted: “Respect to Brad,” before later sharing a list of accomplishments that included “Humbled a bodybuilder in a fist fight.”

UFC champion Sean O’Malley details how Logan Paul beat Bradley Martyn in gym spar

Speaking on his podcast, Sean O’Malley claims that he knows what went down in the gym, and detailed how Martyn noted he struggled with the pace. The bodybuilder spoke to him after the fact, telling him the full result which is being kept quiet.

“Logan’s damn near as big as f***ing Brad,” O’Malley said during The Suga Show with Nelk star Steiny. “I think just from the video you kind of can tell if Logan would have lost he probably wouldn’t have been in that kind of [mood].

“You could kind of tell Logan won, I spoke to Mike, I don’t want to spill too much juice. I’ll say it was probably a little quicker, I messaged buddy Brad to make sure there were no injuries, he told me that s*** is exhausting and he got a little tuckered out, a little gassed out.

“I heard it lasted about 60 seconds, but I don’t know if that’s true… I know exactly what happened, buddy.”

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub gives further insight on Logan Paul vs Bradley Martyn MMA fight

Brendan Schaub is a close friend of both Martyn and Paul, and claims to have been invited to be involved in the fight in some way. But he opted not to, insisting that he wanted little to do with such a potentially divisive event.

“So I get a call last week on Friday when I get home from work,” Schaub said during his podcast Thiccc Boy. “I have a few missed calls from Mr Bradley Martyn, a very close friend of mine and I get home with the kids and go ‘what’s up man?’

“He says ‘just got a facetime from Logan Paul, he wants to fight’ and that’s what he wanted so I asked where it’s at, Vegas or whatever and he goes ‘remember that tweet where I said to forget the clout and the cameras I’ll fight him outside of my gym? Logan Paul was like cool let’s do it’.

“In today’s society, I know people are like ‘they’re animals blah blah blah’ but kudos to both of them. Someone talks trash, another talks trash and then they actually fight. So call Logan Paul a fake fighter or whatever, he’s set and he says ‘yeah, I’ll fight 260lb Bradley Martyn with no cameras’.

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“I was like ‘oh these boys are gangster, they’re really about that life’. Brad says he’s down they just had to sign waivers that they can’t sue each other, no cameras, stuff like that. He asks ‘what do you think, can you help me?’

“I go ‘when is it?’ And he says ‘it’s tomorrow at 11’ and it’s 5pm. So there’s not going to be a whole lot of technique going on. So I just drove over to his house and there’s the sport of fighting which is UFC or ONE Championship and then there’s street fighting which is two completely different things.

“The average street fight is about 15 seconds long. There’s some tips or maybe something, I can try to help him out but we’re not working with a whole lot of time. I gave him some tips and mental things that I thought would help.”

Schaub explained that he didn’t want to go, but he has heard how it went, adding: “There’s things online like ‘Bradley got KO’d!’ Nobody got KO’d. There’s respect, that’s their story to tell but overall I just think it’s gangster that these two savages agreed to sort their story out like this.

“They did it in a gym and at the end of it there’s just respect there. They settled the problem and it’s just two dudes who have respect there and then it’s over. The online media can run with it and say what they will but that’s over.”

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