Liverpool: The PL table since Jurgen Klopp first moved TAA into midfield

Liverpool: The PL table since Jurgen Klopp first moved TAA into midfield

Liverpool have picked up more points than any Premier League side since Jurgen Klopp moved Trent Alexander-Arnold into midfield. 

Alexander-Arnold has established a reputation as one of the most creative full-backs in the history of the competition, but his defensive lapses were becoming harder to ignore as Liverpool toiled in mid-table.

But Klopp has seen an instant improvement in results since he moved the England international into central midfield during the 2-2 draw against Arsenal on April 9.

“If Trent plays midfield, he probably saves Liverpool £100m,” Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports viewers during the victory over Brentford that moved Liverpool to within touching distance of Champions League challengers Manchester United and Newcastle.

.@TrentAA doing Trent Alexander-Arnold things ✨

— Premier League (@premierleague) May 3, 2023

And Carragher touched upon the impact of Alexander-Arnold’s positional shift a few weeks previously on the same channel.

“His role from midfield in the second half against Arsenal was almost like a Steven Gerrard performance, where he was a bit everywhere and there was a lot of running involved,” the former Reds defender said.

“Trent has provided quality from an unconventional full-back position – he plays the role differently. But, for me, watching him in midfield, getting more involved, running the game, I think this is almost perfect for him.

“I don’t really care where Trent is on a team sheet. I want to see him on the ball [in the region highlighted below] because, if he’s on the ball in those areas, whether he’s playing midfield, full-back, wing-back, or on the right of a midfield three, there are very few players in world of football who could match him.

“Klopp and Liverpool have to find a way [to utilise his strengths], as they have done for the last four or five years as a full-back. If that position isn’t working this season, then as a midfield player. Your job as coaching staff is to make sure you get that man on the ball.”

And Klopp has certainly done that – with excellent results. Here’s how the Premier League table stacks up since the Liverpool manager made his game-changing tactical tweak.

1. Liverpool – 7 games played, 19 points, +10 GD
2. Manchester City – 5 games played, 15 points, +10 GD
3. Crystal Palace – 6 games played, 10 points, +4 GD
4. Brighton – 4 games played, 9 points, +6 GD
5. Newcastle United, 5 games played, 9 points, +5 GD
6. Arsenal – 6 games played, 9 points, +1 GD
7. Bournemouth – 5 games played, 9 points, -1 GD
8. Wolves, 5 games played, 9 points, -2 GD
9. Aston Villa – 5 games played, 7 points, +2 GD
10. Manchester United – 5 games played, 7 points, +1 GD
11. West Ham United – 6 games played, 7 points, 0 GD
12. Brentford – 5 games played, 7 points, 0 GD
13. Fulham – 5 games played, 6 points, 0 GD
14. Leicester City – 4 games played, 5 points, -1 GD
15. Tottenham – 5 games played, 4 points, -6 GD
16. Nottingham Forest – 4 games played, 3 points, -2 GD
17. Chelsea – 4 games played, 3 points, -5 GD
18. Everton – 4 games played, 2 points, -5 GD
19. Southampton – 4 games played, 1 point, -5 GD
20. Leeds United – 6 games played, 1 point, -14 GD

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