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Latest Sunderland kit is a red and white delight!

It’s here – and it’s a beauty! After months of waiting since rumours first started about hummel partnering with the club we have now seen their new home design for the 2024-25 campaign, and the initial response has been very favourable. Phil West and some of the roundtable lads Sunderland x Hummel: They’re back! – Roker Report ( Sunderland’s new Hummel gear — “Take my money!” or “I’ll pass, thanks”? – Roker Report ( have already had their say on the latest red and white stripes and they are not alone in their praise based on social media responses, but as a self-confessed Sunderland kit geek I thought I would add to the reaction with some observations of my own.

It is easy to see why the shirt is so popular – lots of fans prefer there to be stripes across the sleeves and back sections (described in the press release as all-over stripes), and those that like bespoke features are very well catered for with several references clearly making it a Sunderland shirt and not just a generic template. Nods to the city’s proud shipbuilding past and the Stadium of Light’s location give a real sense that this is ‘our’ kit, and the micro detailing paying homage to the club’s former ‘ship’ crest is a particular highlight in my book.

Although there are plenty of retro touches the shirt still managers to have an up to date feel, with a red central stripe being retained, a smart wrap over collar and iconic hummel chevrons down the shoulders. Made with the Danish firm’s ECO8 material that is produced using recycled bottles there is even an eye on the future too – which is hugely important given the current state of the planet.

As well as the renewable technology, the kit launch brought some positive news around another social issue – gambling. The impact that it can have on people and the increase in bookmakers attaching themselves to sport has caused increasing concerns, so it is very welcome to see that following an agreement with club’s current front-of-shirt sponsor there will be the option to buy an unbranded top. Utilita Energy will continue its partnership and be seen on infant and junior versions of the strip too, with their Utilita Giving charity partner set to work with those in the region struggling with food and fuel poverty.

It is always pleasing to see football clubs trying to work within the community, especially during a time of extreme financial difficulty for many fans. On that note, the slight increase on last season’s prices could feel a little tough, but the sad reality is that as a business SAFC do need to balance trying to keep things affordable with also making a usable profit. At £60 upwards now for a new adult sized top it can be expensive to get kitted out, but that figure does appear to be in line with other clubs as things stand.

There is always the option not to buy a shirt of course, but following a club is not always entirely rational; there will be those that consider them as an essential symbol of their love and so choose to make sacrifices elsewhere to afford one, and sales for this latest design will undoubtedly be high. There is a wide range of other hummel apparel online and in the new Black Cats House club shop too – and that will be another area where Sunderland will want to cash in.

The boys are looking the part!

Whilst it might not be seen as essential as a replica top, the training, travel and ‘matchday’ ranges should have plenty takers. Those that can afford this stuff will hopefully swell the coffers further, in turn justifying the decision to link up with hummel again after so many pleas for it to happen. The fans have expressed a desire for a more customised kit deal, and the fans quite rightly have also expressed a desire for better stock availability too – something that will hopefully be provided now that Fanatics are involved.

These are not the only examples of the supporter base being listened to in terms of retail offering. A lot has been made about embroidered badges on merchandise, which has been reflected in the new stock, and one thing that I was particularly keen to see addressed was the lack of goalkeeper strips – this too has been resolved and again, the design of it is spot on in my eyes.

Based on the version first seen during 1989-90 (not 1991 as has been suggested in some places) when hummel previously provided kit, the green herringbone pattern tops are also being made up for retail and their presence at kid’s games and the like in the coming months will be great to see. There has been a string of good goalkeepers to have emerged through the academy and local youngsters that have been inspired by the likes of Anthony Patterson, Jordan Pickford and Claudia Moan will want to appear like the players they hope to emulate.

Back in the Roker Park days hummel were the first manufacturers to make official replica Sunderland goalkeeping kit available for general purchase and by re-establishing it there is a suggestion that those in charge are starting to get their finger on the commercial pulse. Chief Business Officer David Brush has already been praised for his involvement in the kit supplier deal, and his marketing acumen would appear to have also been applied to the launch.

Based on a superb ‘From the banks of the River Wear’ theme, the kit launch has been heavily teased and expertly executed. A lot of recent releases have featured popular players or local artists, and once again our culture has been relied upon with the photo shoots and videos taking place at the now booming again port. A healthy dose of nostalgia has been thrown in too, as the club seeks to make the most of the retro and ‘legacy’ connections with the brand with a bee.

Having Lads and Lasses representatives feature in the promotional stuff (Mary McAteer and Tash Fenton are seen showing off the Denmark national side style anthem items that dropped alongside the shirts) further indicates an all-encompassing approach to what is being brought out – ladies fits, long sleeves – so many aspects have been thought about and we seem to be ending up with a class product as a result.

A 1992 FA Cup final themed change strip, plus an all new third strip are expected to follow up soon; if they are as nice as this traditional option then the players on the pitch and the fans in the stands will be looking as good as ever.

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