Jorge Martin on sharing data: “We are always the front three, but it’s difficult to win”

Jorge Martin finished runner-up to MotoGP title rival Francesco Bagnaia in the Catalunya grand prix, following another battle between the pair.

But despite being overtaken by the reigning world champion with six laps to go, Martin increased his lead in the standings.

“I’m really happy about my race,” said Martin post-race. “The thing I’m happiest about is that in the sprint my [real] position was seventh and today we are here in second.

“This means we are on the right way and we are fast every Sunday which is important for me.

“I didn’t do the best start but I did the best strategy on the first corner when I went to the outside.

“On the first lap I was already third. Then I was able to overtake Pedro [Acosta] and Pecco in corner ten, but then, maybe when I had Pedro behind I wanted to stay first and maybe I pushed a bit too much.

“Even though I was saving the tyre it wasn’t enough. When Pecco caught me I was trying to be relaxed and was thinking about riding well with a good pace, but as soon as he overtook me I tried to follow him and I was destroying the rear tyre.

“Overall, we need to improve from our weak points. But I feel we are on the right path but still missing something here in Montmelo.”

Tyre choice was critical for many riders in Catalunya, and Martin played it safe by going for the favoured medium rear.

But even so, Martin encountered tyre wear late on after admitting he pushed too hard when Pedro Acosta was applying pressure in the opening laps.

However, the championship leader also stated that using the soft was never an option for him and that it might have cost him a podium.

Martin said: “For me it was an easy choice. In the sprint I was so bad and also, Friday I was already doing [1m] 41s/42s so it was an easy decision for me.

“I knew that if somebody was with the soft in the first few laps it would be a bit more competitive, but for me, in the lead it was easy to manage and save.

“I tried to save but with Pedro behind I didn’t save enough. I think it was the correct choice and maybe with the soft I wouldn’t be here.”

Once again sharing a podium with Bagnaia and Marc Marquez, Martin is part of what appears to be a three-way fight for the title with his Ducati counterparts.

Asked about sharing data and the difference between all three riders, Martin said: “It is difficult. The perfect rider does not exist but the three of us are amazing to watch.

“I can see Pecco is stronger in braking, Marc is stronger in entry and I am faster on the exit, so at the end of the day you are trying to take small details from everyone.

“I think the key from our performance is because we have the other data and we can learn when we struggle.

“But it’s also a pity that when you have this distance they can catch. From one side it is really good because we are always the front three, but from another side it is difficult because it is difficult to win.”

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