Inter Milan could debut new back shirt sponsor vs AC Milan

Inter Milan could debut new back shirt sponsor vs AC Milan

Inter Milan could reveal their new back shirt sponsor during the upcoming Serie A derby match against AC Milan.

This according to Italian news outlet

This season for the third time in a row, Inter have started the campaign with a different shirt sponsor than last.

The Nerazzurri’s kit sponsorship situation has been in a fair bit of flux following the end of their longstanding partnership with Pirelli at the end of the 2020-21 season.

In the 2021-22 season, Inter had blockchain-based “fan token” company as their main shirt sponsor. The Nerazzurri were one of a number of clubs to partner with Socios who have entered into the football industry over the past couple of years.

Then, last season cryptocurrency company DigitalBits replaced Socios on the Nerazzurri’s shirt.

DigitalBits had already been the main shirt sponsor for Inter’s Serie A rivals Roma.

However, that partnership ended in nothing short of disaster. The cryptocurrency company was unable due to pay any of the amounts they owed to Inter, due to a financial crisis of their own.

In the end, both Inter and Roma removed DigitalBits’ logo from their respective shirts in response to the nonpayment issue.

Inter Milan Almost Ready To Debut New Back Shirt Sponsor – Possibly Vs AC Milan

At the end of last season, Inter entered into a short-term partnership with US-based streaming service Paramount+.

The streaming service was Inter’s main shirt sponsor for just the final two matches of the season.

One was an essentially dead rubber Serie A match against Torino. The other was, much more lucratively of course, the Champions League final.

As part of that agreement, Inter were to keep Paramount+’s logo on their shirts for this season as well.

However, the logo would be moved to the back of the shirt from the front.

The initial agreement was that Paramount+ would replace Lenovo as the back sponsor for Inter’s shirt.

But instead, over the summer, the Nerazzurri entered into a new agreement with Paramount+.

The streaming service has stayed on as Inter’s main shirt sponsor.

This has meant that the Nerazzurri have gone in search of a new back shirt sponsor.

And according to the Gazzetta, they have identified one. Inter are close to revealing the new back shirt sponsor, and the logo could even make its debut during the Milan derby next weekend.

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