Georgina Rodriguez Taunts Cristiano Ronaldo, Laughs at His Life Work as Mateo Sports Lionel Messi’s Team Shirt? – Sportsmanor

Georgina Rodriguez Taunts Cristiano Ronaldo, Laughs at His Life Work as Mateo Sports Lionel Messi’s Team Shirt? – Sportsmanor

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, currently residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, openly express an unwavering and all-encompassing love for each other, as evident from their social media presence. Their relationship seems to flourish with the shared joy of raising their children and living a life free from scandal, although whispers of a potential rift occasionally make their rounds.

Some speculate that Cristiano Ronaldo has become increasingly frustrated with his partner due to her diminished interest in him and their children. It is alleged that Georgina, once a humble employee at Gucci who transitioned into a successful model, has reportedly become even more self-centered and conceited following the release of the second season of her Netflix series, “Soy Georgina.”

However, it’s important to approach such claims with caution, as Ronaldo and Rodriguez’s relationship appears to be thriving at first glance. The couple consistently shares affectionate photographs of themselves and their children on social media platforms.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his family
Cristiano Ronaldo with his family (Credit: People)

We already know about Cristiano Jr and his deep passion for soccer, as he currently attends the Mahd Sports Academy, a relatively new institution that aims to become one of the leading sporting academies globally. However, it is worth noting that Ronaldo’s youngest son, Mateo, has his distinct preferences and enjoys wearing different soccer jerseys, showcasing his interests and tastes.

Madrid history of Cristiano Ronaldo just got a ‘Barcelona twist’ with his son’s jersey choice

Georgina Rodriguez recently shared an amusing video on her Instagram story featuring Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Mateo, dancing while wearing a Barcelona shirt. Rodriguez added laughing emojis to the post and also mentioned Cristiano in it.

This lighthearted clip quickly became a topic of discussion on social media. Some fans interpreted Mateo wearing the Barca shirt as a playful jab at his father, considering Cristiano’s remarkable achievements while playing for Real Madrid against Barcelona, his once biggest rivals.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son Mateo dancing and singing to ‘Peaches’ by Jack Black in an FC Barcelona kit during Georgina’s Rodriguez’s recent instagram story.

— GC (@GettyCristiano) May 20, 2023


During his time in Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo developed a strong rivalry with Barcelona, particularly with their fans. He inflicted numerous painful moments on the Blaugrana throughout his career. Memories of his iconic “calma” celebration, his shirtless celebrations, and many other remarkable moves are still vivid in the minds of fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s performances against Barcelona included scoring 20 goals and providing three assists in 34 games. The response of Cristiano Ronaldo to Georgina Rodriguez’s latest video and the playful gesture from his son is yet to be seen.

It is evident that Mateo, similar to his father and older brother Cristiano Jr, possesses a genuine passion for football. Whenever he gets the chance, the young boy eagerly dons the jerseys of some of the most renowned clubs in the world.

Mateo Jr hijo de cristiano ronaldo ayer en el concierto de rosalia
Me dicen que cristiano hizo que mateo llevara la camisa del Madrid

— CR7𓃵 👑🤍 (@CR7THEGOATREAL7) July 20, 2022


During the past summer, Mateo, for instance, chose to wear the iconic white colors of Real Madrid when attending Rosalía’s concert at the Wizink Center in the city. Additionally, one of his favorite attires includes the national team shirt of Portugal, representing his father’s country.

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