Earthquake in Morocco: The beautiful gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo

Earthquake in Morocco: The beautiful gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo

A Marrakech hotel owned by Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is providing shelter to victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Morocco.

The mountainous region of the High Atlas was hit by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake on Friday.

This natural disaster left more than 2,000 dead and many injured and missing.

Lionel Messi was among those who offered their condolences to the region, and Ronaldo also participated in the collective efforts.

The Al-Nassr attacker made the Pestana CR7 Marrakesh hotel available to those seeking shelter.

The 174-room hotel is considered the pinnacle of luxury, but is now helping those left homeless. The old town of Marrakech, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was hit hard by the powerful earthquake.

Several buildings and walls have collapsed, while the narrow streets make it difficult to evacuate the injured.

Town squares have been transformed into makeshift emergency shelters with food, water and beds.

Morocco’s national football team contributed to the rescue efforts, with players donating blood to help the victims.

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