EA Sports FC 24: All Answers For Copa America Throwback Objective

Here is everything you need to solve the Copa America Throwback Objective in EA FC 24.

On June 20th, the 2024 Copa America kicks off with Argentina taking on Canada in Atlanta, Georgia. To celebrate the start of the event, the developers at Electronic Arts have launched a new set of mystery Objectives in EA Sports FC 24. To complete these five Objectives, you’ll need to use specific player cards to complete various in-game tasks.  If you don’t know which cards to use, you’ll be left out to dry because EA Sports FC 24 has turned several of these Objectives into riddles players need to puzzle out. Below, you’ll find a full list of answers for the Copa America Throwback Objective, giving you an easy way to learn all the answers and wrap up this Objective group quickly in EA Sports FC 24.

All Copa America Throwback Objectives in EA Sports FC 24

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As mentioned, there are five Objectives to complete to finish the Copa America Throwback. Two of them require you to solve puzzles Electronic Arts has given. That makes this Objective group a bit easier than the EURO Throwback group EA dropped last week, but you still need to use specific players. It’s worth noting that if you don’t have those players, you can try to use them in a Draft mode. That worked with last week’s Objective, so you’ll probably be able to do the same. Here are all of the answers for the Copa America Throwback Objective:

  • Buzzing in Bolivia – As the host nation in 1963, Bolivia had a lot to play for. They exceeded all expectations and emerged as the tournament champions. Score 4 goals in any game mode using Copa America players. Any players from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, USA, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, or Paraguay.
  • Columbian Wall – Host nation Colombia claimed their first title in 2001! World-class defense matched with a powerful attack helped them conquer all opponents. Score 11 goals in any game mode using players from Colombia. Colombia.
  • Back to Back – Chile was unstoppable during their 2015-16 run, battling hard and winning both years. Win two matches in any game mode while having at least two Copa America Path to Glory players in your starting 11. Boris Cespedes and Adalberto Carrasquillia are available on the Season Reward track and are the easiest players to get who fit this.
  • Gifted Athlete – This player holds the Copa record for the most assists and also lifted the trophy in 2021. Assist 10 goals using players from this player’s nation in any game mode. Argentina (Lionel Messi)
  • Top 3 – Only three nations have won the title more than eight times. Win six matches in any game mode while having a full squad of players from any of those three nations. Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay (Make sure your full bench also only includes players from these nations)

Once you complete all five Objectives, you’ll earn 2,000 XP  and an 87 x2 Rare Gold Players Pack. Copa America Throwback is available until July 11th, giving you plenty of time to complete it.

EA Sports FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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