David Beckham leaves the ladies swooning as he films new Walkers advert with fellow footballing icon Thierry Henry

David Beckham leaves the ladies swooning as he films a newadvert for Walkers Crisps with fellow footballing icon Thierry Henry

The footballing legend, 49, made his debut as the face of the snack brand earlier this year along with fellow Premier League star Thierry, 46.

But now, in a new skit, the sportsmen realise they are out of Walkers crisps just before sitting down in front of the television to watch a game and David sends his friend to go knocking on strangers’ doors instead.

A series of shocked women answer the door and try to appease him with several other brands of crisps, but to no avail.

One women shrieks in surprise, whilst another beams and two women look stunned on the doorstep. 

David Beckham leaves the ladies swooning in a new Walkers advert with fellow footballing icon Thierry Henry as the pair go on a hunt for crisps after running out of supplies 

As Thierry sets off in search of the right crisps and one woman is heard yelling ‘You can’t go!’ when she fails to supply the Walkers 

Thierry is left unimpressed with some of the blurred-out other branded options, as the French footballer proclaims: ‘There is no substitute for Walkers!’

One woman screeches: ‘You can’t go!’ before he leaves and finally lands upon a house with the correct brand. 

All this time, David has been left in the house keeping a watchful eye on Thierry with binoculars. 

Thierry is delighted to see he has landed on the ‘real deal’ and he takes her and a teenage boy back to watch the Premier League match with them.

Upon opening the door, the woman giggles ‘Hello’  but can only be allowed in if she has the crisps.  

David asks ‘Got the Walkers?’ and the delighted quartet are soon settled on the sofa together just in time for the match.

The famed snack brand – which is known as Lays internationally – featured Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker in its ads for more than 25 years, but he has not been seen in one since 2021.

The two football stars had been taken aback to discover they were out of Walkers, so David sends Thierry on a mission

After several failed attempts, Thierry finally finds a lady who has the correct brand of potato snack

David welcomes Thierry home after he successfully finds a lady who is willing to share her Walkers crisps 

The quartet are soon seated on a plush leather sofa where they watch the game with Walkers crisps 

The Spice Girls- minus Victoria Beckham-advertised Wakers crisps again in 2019, more than 20 years on from their first stint for the brand 

Gary Lineker had been the face of Walkers Crisps for decades and appeared in adverts for the firm since 1995 but has not been seen in one since 2021 

The former England player is still a brand ambassador for the crisps company though, and his last few adverts were said to have netted him £1.2 million. 

Several famous faces have advertised for the brand over the years, including David’s wife Victoria Beckham when she was part of the Spice Girls in the 1990s.

Posh did not return to the Spice Girls in 2019 for their tour but  bandmates Geri Halliwell, Mel B and Melanie C all headed up a second campaign for the brand.

Pop singer Mariah Carey also enjoyed a stint advertising for the brand over Christmas 2019 in a nod to her festive hit.  7665573

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