Castore defends quality standards after criticism

Castore defends quality standards after criticism

Castore is having to defend itself following complaints over the quality of its football kits and supply chain issues. 

Coming to an early end… Castore has lost its kit sponsorship deal with Newcastle United – Castore

The UK firm, which has enjoyed meteoric success built on providing quality, technical sportswear for a host of major sports teams, is now having to defend some of those claims that are understood to have been behind the early loss of its contract with Premiership footfall team Newcastle United.

Castore is also facing complaints from fellow-Premiership side Aston Villa after its men’s and women’s players complained about wet shirts, which appear to become drenched by players’ sweat, leading to concerns that the heavy kit is weighing the men’s team down.

This latest development puts pressure on Castore to find a swift solution to the problem as Villa launched new home, away and third kits this season and are two years into what was described as being a ‘multi-year’ contract with Castore.

Kit complaints are understood to also be behind Newcastle United ending its contract early with Castore as its kit maker after complaints from supporters about its merchandise.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, Newcastle also received complaints about a lack of available stock in the Castore stores in the city, poor customer service, as well as some long delays in orders being delivered. Newcastle said this negativity reflected badly on the club.

The contract was due to expire at the end of the 2025/26 campaign but Newcastle’s kit will now be produced by Adidas from the start of next season.

However, it has been stressed that no problems were reported by Newcastle players with the quality or reliability of their Castore kit since the partnership began in the summer of 2021. Adidas is thought to be paying about £40 million a season to manufacture and supply Newcastle’s kit for the next five years.

A Castore spokesman said: “We are proud of our three-year partnership with Newcastle United and look forward to continuing our collaboration with the club this season.”

A Newcastle statement read: “The club has found the quality of Castore products to be extremely high. We are proud to be wearing Castore’s well-designed, innovative training and match kits in the Premier League and Champions League and are appreciative of Castore’s support and contribution to the club’s trajectory over the last three seasons.”

On the Aston Villa situation, a Castore spokesperson said: “There has been some media speculation about a potential issue in the football kit supplied by Castore to Aston Villa Football Club.

“We are working closely in collaboration with the club to address this issue as quickly as possible to meet the standards we expect. We would like to thank the club for their patience and support to date.

“As a proud new British brand, we always hold ourselves to the highest of standards and strive to do everything we can to constantly improve the performance of our products. This means addressing any customer concerns with promptness and humility.”

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