Alexander Zverev Reveals How Girlfriend Sophia Thomalla’s Perspective Helped Him Cope With Gut-Wrenching Losses

A supportive life partner can be anyone’s game-changer. Germany’s Alexander Zverev proved that after his girlfriend Sophia Thomalla’s presence brought him luck this Wimbledon. Not only did he win the third round but he delved deeper into how Thomalla helped him to play “quite positively”. Since Thomalla’s absence ended Zverev’s French Open run with heartbreak, everyone thinks, will Zverev fulfill his dream this time with his beau by his side?

Zverev defeated UK’s Cameron Norrie by 6-4, 6-4, and 7(17)- 6(15) two days back at the Center Court. Today he is prepping up for his Round of 16 run against America’s Taylor Fritz. Zverev suffered a deadly fall during the match bringing his old injury scare to everyone. Post-victory, he delved into what went to his mind after his French Open 2022 semifinal injury and his feelings after returning to the Grand Slam level where he belongs. “I think for me personally especially after the ankle injury I was never sure whether I was ever going to be back at the level, was not sure whether I will be playing consistently again and giving myself the chance to be at those stages of Grand Slams, you know giving myself the chance to win, so for me I do take it in a positive way that I am back where I want to be I am playing quite positively and playing good tennis,” said Zverev.

Now, if you are a fan of the German ATP star then you must know that he suffered a career-threatening ankle injury while playing against Rafael Nadal, who won the French Open 2022 title. Zverev battled against the Spaniard legend for three hours. However, he sat down holding his ankle, and closed his eyes in immense pain after the end of the second set. Zverev suffered from several torn ligaments in his right foot, that put an end to his 2022 season. Not just that but the German ATP star’s recovery process was also not easy.

However, Zverev returned with a great bang and the reason is none but his supportive girlfriend Sophia Thomalla. Last year in an interview, Zverev mentioned how this injury “changed” him. He further talked about his partner’s point of view which worked like a charm to bring him back to positive thoughts. “She (Sophia) gave me a chance to realize there’s a lot more out there than tennis,” said Zverev.

How crucial do you think Sophia Thomalla’s support is to Alexander Zverev’s mental game?

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Prioritizing Thomalla’s presence, this German ATP star mentioned how his girlfriend gives him “peace and security.” He further added, “I play extremely well with her behind me and I hope that will continue to be the case next year and maybe even better. I haven’t achieved all of my goals yet.” Given that, Thomalla is attending Wimbledon to cheer for her talented boyfriend, Zverev might have received a lot of confidence boost to achieve what he couldn’t do in the French Open 2024.

On the other hand, Zverev celebrated his victory against Cameron Norrie with an interesting message. He dropped a special request for one of the celebrity attendees of his match.

Alexander Zverev asked Pep Guardiola to “coach” him on the tennis court

While Zverev’s girlfriend Thomalla attended the match in support of the German ATP star, there was another person, who dropped his cheer for him and it was Manchester City’s coach Pep Guardiola. After spotting Guardiola, Zverev couldn’t help but drop a special request through his post-victory statement. “When I saw Pep I got so nervous for a few games there, Bayern Munich needs a coach, man. And if you’re tired of football, you can coach me on the tennis court anytime”- said Zverev.

This German ATP star’s statements expressed his great joy in winning against Cameron Norrie despite suffering a fall that scared everyone. More than that, he must have felt an energy boost seeing Guardiola attending his match and cheering for him.

Nevertheless, Alexander Zverev’s comment about Sophia Thomalla helping him to get his positivity back showcases how the couple is going strong together. Now that, Thomalla’s presence really helped Zverev to push his limits and achieve more victories, people believe, he might fulfill what he couldn’t do in the French Open recently.

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