Alex Iwobi's style is nicher than your average

It’s not just coloured hair. “I used to go for the LVs, the Pradas, but now I like to venture out and find undercover brands,” he says. “Brands that when you see it on people, you’re like, ‘oh, what is that?’. I try to look out for brands that aren’t mainstream and that no one pays attention to.”

“Dog fits” aside, Iwobi’s everyday style is most at home in a tracksuit or streetwear. “I’m wearing Supreme right now,” he says. “I’ve also been supporting a brand called Fall Forward, they do nice cargos.” And in terms of influences, Iwobi’s uncle, ex-footballer Jay-Jay Okocha, didn’t just inspire him to play – he also taught him what (not) to wear. “He used to try and dress a bit wild, so I thought, ‘I have to dress better than you when I’m older’,” he says. “He’d wear weird Gucci fits, so I used to look up to him but just to say, ‘I want to dress better than [you]!’”.

For his Paris Fashion Week, Alex Iwobi crowdsourced his fit with a stylist, then polled his mates: “We took a picture of each of the four outfits we put together and I got my friends to vote, to see which one is more ‘Paris’.” He initially gravitated towards one outfit that felt more like him, but in the end he opted for an outsized Solid Homme stone-grey suit: “It’s more ‘Paris’, it’s more daring, it’s what I want to try out.” He decided to pair it with a pair of white trainers. “Just to tone it down,” he says. “So I’m not too too smart, you know?”

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