After Kate Merrill leaves WBZ, Karson and Kennedy react to her departure from Boston station: ‘It just sucks’

The stunning news that Kate Merrill left WBZ has “gutted” the radio team at Karson and Kennedy, as the hosts on Tuesday reacted to the “weird situation” and reflected on her time with the Boston station.

After more than 20 years with WBZ, Merrill abruptly departed the CBS Boston TV station. A spokesperson for the station on Monday confirmed that the morning anchor has left, but no further details were given.

Merrill has been absent in recent weeks, as viewers wondered about her status with WBZ. Since the station confirmed that she has left, Merrill has remained silent as questions linger about her departure.

The hosts on Boston’s Mix 104.1 Karson and Kennedy addressed Merrill leaving on Tuesday. Merrill has made appearances on the radio show for several years, but she won’t anymore.

“We have not heard anything from WBZ-TV,” Karson Tager said on air. “They did not reach out to us and let us know what was going on. We’re kind of in this weird situation.

“We love Kate to death,” he added. “She has been an integral part of our show for a very long time… Our show, a lot of its success is because of Kate Merrill. The work that she’s done behind the scenes to help our show.”

Tager said he has reached out to Merrill.

“There wasn’t really a lot that she could say,” he said. “She’s doing what she thinks is best for her and her family and her career.”

Merrill has been a part of the radio show’s “family,” Kennedy Elsey said.

“At the end of the day, whatever happened is none of our business,” Elsey said, adding, “But what we can do is be grateful for the time that we had with her, and what we can do is be thankful for these times that we had with her.

“I want to send goodness out there, instead of all of the conjecture… I’m not here for that,” she said. “I want her to know how much we love her, and how thankful we are that she spent this time with us.”

Tager noted how Merrill over the years has chosen to “really dive into the local stuff, which I just think is so important when we are being inundated with stuff from all over the globe.”

“Listen, it’s not a eulogy. Kate Merrill didn’t die,” Tager said. “But it just sucks because you just get used to your favorite personalities being on the radio, on the TV… and then one day when they’re not there and you don’t know what’s going on, it’s just a weird place to be.”

Listeners called in to the radio show on Tuesday, saying how “sad” and “crushed” they were about Merrill’s departure.

“If you haven’t yet heard, Kate Merrill has left WBZ which means she won’t be on the show with us anymore and we are gutted,” the radio show posted on Tuesday.

Merrill’s departure comes after her co-anchor on the morning show, Liam Martin, recently left WBZ and the TV industry. Martin said he wanted to have a better work-family balance, and he joined a Boston public relations agency.

Just last week, Boston 25’s Vanessa Welch left the station after nine years — and 25 years overall in the industry. Welch said she was planning to spend more time with her family while taking on a new opportunity.

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