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Ace picks Croatia to win the Euros

Football fanatics at Duckyls Farm know who will win the Euros after their horse Ace picked the Croatian flag. The residents, who have learning disabilities, are thoroughly enjoying the Euro Championships and made flags to represent the teams in one of their weekly arts and crafts sessions.

Having seen a lion from the Cotswold Wildlife Park incorrectly predict that the match between England and Serbia would end in a draw, Keri Strugnell, the care farm and community manager at Duckyls Farm, asked the residents if they thought Ace, one of the farm horses, might be better at predicting results.

The residents loved the idea and an experiment was set up to pick the Euro winner. The residents formed a line with all the flags they had made and Ace, a 15-year-old New Forest x Thoroughbred was encouraged to pick the winner.

Without hesitation, Ace made straight for the Croatian flag.

Keri said: “Despite Croatia losing their opening game 3-0 to Spain, and drawing 2-2 with Albania on June 19, Ace is confident that the Croatian team will be lifting the trophy on July 14.”

Duckyls Farm is a care home for adults with learning disabilities near East Grinstead and was recently awarded a contract from West Sussex County Council to provide activities each week for adults with additional needs at both their 100-acre Duckyls Farm and some external locations.

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